The 10 London Restaurants with the Hottest Clientele

Every week night at around 10.15pm I look forward to hearing my blackberry vibrate with the daily email from Eater NY. Each day they have an interesting feature article to do with NY restaurants. Last nights email was titled ‘The 12 New York Restaurants with the Hottest Clientele’. So, for a bit of fun, it got me thinking about London…

1. Dean Street Townhouse

Nick Jones knows how to attract a sexy crowd and Dean Street Townhouse does just that. This Soho hangout is a full of media types overflowing from Soho House. Think guys in tortoise shell glasses and torn cashmere jumpers and ladies in Erdem flower print frocks. Sunday lunch is like an orgy of Soho locals and Chelsea kids who want a place with a bit more attitude than the King’s Road, drinking pitchers of bloody Mary’s with their roast beef. If it all gets too steamy, one can check in to the hotel upstairs.

2. The Wolseley

Co-owner Jeremy King is the immaculately dressed silver fox who patrols his Piccadilly restaurant so elegantly. He attracts the rich and famous to his all day dining establishment. Breakfast is scattering of FTSE 100 chiefs and wedding planners. Lunch and dinner is like being at the theatre. Think Tom Ford dining with Colin Firth and Lucian Freud entertaining his current models for his paintings. Savile row suits for the men and Armani for the ladies. Weekday nights best for spotting actors coming in for post performance eggs benedict.  

3. Polpo

 This Soho bacaro draws the young and sexy by the bucketful. Flirting takes place over tumblers of Prosecco and arancini while they wait for their tables. Rumour has it people pull at Polpo and tables of 2 end up as tables of 4. The concept of sharing dishes makes the meal more informal and adds to the vibe. The staff, tattoos or no tattoos (wait till Spuntino!), are just as young and sexy as the customers they are serving. 

4. Hawksmoor Seven Dials

Cocktails and steak in Seven Dials. This former old brewery turned steak house has a ‘Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels’ vibe. V neck Lyle and Scott jumpers and jeans are dress code. Martinis at the bar before Porterhouse steaks with red wine. Hotties saunter down the stairs from reception for all at the bar to look at.

5. E & O

Think Sex and the City type ladies who lunch on their husbands expense account. Will Ricker has got attracting the glam down to a tee with his Notting Hill and Chelsea establishments. Think Kate Middleton discussing her hen night over edamame and black miso cod. Grab a seat at the bar in the evening and sample the dim sum while listening to neighbouring tables conversation, you may pick up a few hot share tips.

6. Koya

This Soho newcomer is all about the Udon noodle. Queues regularly form outside, which clearly attract an aesthetically pleasing crowd. Clientele always seem to be well read architects or artists who have probably spent gap years studying in Japan. Go around 2pm for lunch when you get the bedhead Tyler Brule lookalikes reading a copy of Monocle magazine over a bowl of noodles and green tea.

7. C London (formerly Cipriani)

Renowned for attracting the Russians, both oligarchs and hookers, and Simon Cowell. Black American Express cards are two a penny, settling the bills for the ludicrously small and expensive bellinis. Best seats are in the mid section of the restaurant. Tables at the back of room are social Siberia. Think Hublot watches and Louboutins. People come here to be seen. Paparazzi heaven.

8. Pizza East

This huge pizza restaurant in the former Tea Building in Shoreditch transports you to the Meatpacking district in NY. Dalston based fashion students in their skinny jeans and cardigans rally here for Friday night pizza parties and wine before heading back east or upstairs to Shoreditch House. Strictly under 35’s only. Go on Sunday nights because drinking on a school night is cool.

 9. Nobu Berkeley

Different to its sister restaurant on Old Park Lane, Nobu Berkeley seems to be the only place A list celebs eat when in town. Playboy European hedgies appear out of fast cars and filter through the roped off front door. Normally the place is oozing with blondes and City boys on dates. Sushi always guarantees a shag right?

 10. Cecconi’s

Probably the smartest establishment in Nick Jones’s empire. Breakfast is a networking feast of suits. Come 10am it is more Loro Piana sweaters and Tods shoes that are drawn by the authentic high end Italian cuisine and Prosecco on draught. European stockbrokers who haven’t left town for the weekend descend on the place to scoff black truffle pasta for weekend brunch while Abercrombie and Fitch hotties willow around outside. Think St Tropez of Mayfair. Thursday nights are always buzzing with those having dinner before hitting Annabel’s.

Link to Eater NY article


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