The buzz of an opening night

I do not normally go to the first night of a restaurant opening. Pollen Street Social was an exception.

PSS is both welcoming and cosy yet sexy and sophisticated at the same time. A Nordic theme is etched throughout the room, dark wooden chairs and some funky lighting. Squirrel cage lightbulbs make an appearance, of course.

Small lockers behind reception, some with keys and some without, house a little gift for you upon departing. The bar is perfect to sample a couple of Gin martinis to start the night.

Into the main dining room to eat, which has a gallery style feel to it thanks to the artwork and floor to ceiling windows facing out on toPollen Street. We spotted the dessert bar lurking in the far left hand corner by the kitchen.

The buzz was slow to start with. A few couples and a large group being entertained by Jason’s business partner. The clock struck 8.30pm and that signalled the arrival of Reg and his wife. The queen bee drawn to the pollen.

To our left, Jay Rayner trying to fix his blackberry with a fork while chatting to Maureen Mills, both sipping on chilled glasses of Jacquesson champagne. To our right, Fay and Reg. Her notebook out, pen in left hand.

Without a moments notice, Thomas Keller fresh faced from the Worlds Best 50 stormed through the dining room, stealth mode, ignored all around and headed straight to his sanctuary; the kitchen. A giddy Daniel Boulud brushed past us at the dessert bar.

While this scene went on around, the man of the moment, Mr Jason Atherton gracefully patroled his dining room and greeted everyone like old friends.

Ah, the buzz of an opening night. So that is what it feels like….


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