Blog off: Best restaurant loos in London

Although a necessity, a loo can say a lot about a restaurant and can be a feature in itself. Here are my four favourite restaurant loos in London.


It is definitely an experience the first time you check out the lavs at Sketch. They sum up the place to a tee. The unisex pods are a modern art take on the portaloo. They look like giant Kinder eggs but with a different kind of surprise inside. The actual experience is somewhat bizarre, not helped by the weird tones of pink and green lights, but these loos are a definite talking point and worth a second visit. More reason to keep drinking cocktails downstairs in the Parlour. Sheer novelty value.


Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest venture Nopi seems to be the ‘marmite’ restaurant at the moment. However, one thing everyone seems to agree on is the beautiful Grecian décor and the basement loos. The loos give the Hall of Mirrors at the Palce of Versaille a run for its money. Mirrors adorn the walls and refelct your image back at you from all angles. Bond villain style private cubicles are hidden behind the mirrors. Both a clever and stunning room. Must be a bitch to clean though.



The Wolseley

Take the entrance under the clock at the back of the dining room and down the staircase to the most immaculate restaurant toilets in London. It is not uncommon to brush past the likes of Tom Ford or Kate Moss on your way down. Beautiful marble floors and a constant vanilla scent (well in the mens, have never been to the womens) makes it a rather civilsed trip to the loo. Likely to be peeing next to FTSE 100 chief execs or Dale Winton.


Hands down, the best public bog in town. There is nothing worse than getting caught short needing the loo when out and about. To the right of the lobby in the main entrance, the gents are proper old school glamour. Beautiful mosaic tile flooring and vintage fittings dominate the room with delicate Delftware style wall tiles. A nice touch includes proper hand towels. Drop a quid into the dish at the cloakroom when leaving to show your appreciation.


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4 Responses to Blog off: Best restaurant loos in London

  1. Chris says:

    Bob Bob Ricard! Lovely loos there.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Nice post. Was feeling a bit ‘yeah, right’ about brushing past celebs in the stairs down to The Wolseley’s loos and then remembered I did exactly that with Ralph Fiennes. So… yeah! You’re right!

    I love the outdoor loos at Lorelei in Soho: next best thing to being able to travel back in time.

  3. Ed says:

    Loos are definitively part of the experience. Lots of good ones around – I’ll second BBR. Hix Soho are nay bad either – cool sinks – and the chocolate starfish at Hix Farringdon are, um, different. I’ve not yet been to somewhere in London that has a better loo than restaurant le Valentin in Toulouse, though: incredibly cool black wallpaper; slick but classic ceramics … I’d live in it if the food was better.

    Maybe once you’ve reached a definitive selection of top loos, you should look at the worst / most disappointing? Mandarin Oriental loos for Dinner/Boulud are surprisingly bad (and difficult to find).

  4. winkypedia says:

    Hmm, I think I can trump that with the toilets once built for Queen Victoria at V&A. Check it out here

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