Fashion on a plate: The best dressed London restaurateurs

Sam and Eddie Hart
Sam (36) and Eddie (34) Hart,the brothers behind Barrafina and Quo Vadis in Soho, can  always be seen around Dean Street and Frifth Street dressed in dark tailor-made suits with crisp open collared white shirts as their uniform. Tassled brogues, most likely from a well known cobbler on Jermyn Street, and brightly coloured pocket handkerchiefs to shake off the City boy image complete the look. Apart from Ben Elliot, they are the only other two suited and booted gents in Soho.

Richard Caring
Ask someone their opinion of Mr Caring and the restaurant empire he has purchased and they are normally either in the BC (before Caring) or AC (after Caring) camp. Whatever you think of the rag trade multi millionaire turned global restaurateur there is no doubting he is a sophisticated business man. Black Armani suits are his choice paired with white custom-made shirts from Rubinacci on South Audley Street. A year round tan and a perfect mane of hair which is kept in condition by Michael Charambolous at his Mount Street salon. Likely to be seen being driven in his black SL63 Mercedes going from his office on the Euston Road to dine at Le Caprice or Harry’s Bar.

Russell Norman
Mr Polpo, as he has affectionately become known on Twitter, can normally be seen fleeting around Soho between Polpo, Polpetto, Spuntino and now further afield to da POLPO in Covent Garden. In his former days at Caprice Holdings, an impeccably tailored suit was standard but Russell now looks more comfortable in his jeans, All Saints tops and distressed leather boots. The catering version of ‘coming out’ was how Fay Maschler described this transformation. Leaning on a zinc top surface with tea towel draped over shoulder talking to one of many his many regulars is when Russell looks most at home. Latest addition to his image is the Moscot glasses fresh from New York.

Jeremy King
Mad Men eat your heart out. Jeremy King is the gentle giant of the restaurant world. Tall, elegant and of the most charming people in the industry. Mr King is never seen without his trademark three-piece suit finished off with a silk tie and a starched white pocket handkerchief neatly slotted in his top pocket while gently meandering around The Wolseley talking to the rich and famous. Dont forget his treasured vintage Bristol automobile as the ultimate accessory.


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One Response to Fashion on a plate: The best dressed London restaurateurs

  1. Enjoyed this – but you should extend it. Honourable mentions surely for Fergus’ increasingly widening pinstripes (the envy of any broker); the ever-stylish Sanja Morris; and surely Sir David Tang’s success can be almost wholly explained by his collection of modish ‘kerchiefs….

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