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What is great service?

‘The customer is king until he dethrones himself’ is how Fernando Peire answered a question on whether the customer is ever wrong. An interesting concept from the managing director of The Ivy and now the face of Channel Five’s Restaurant Inspector, … Continue reading

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Raising the bar

There was once a time when you wouldn’t be seen dead eating at a bar. My, how the tables have literally turned . Sitting at a bar is now the hottest seat in town thanks to the likes of Spuntino and the stalwart of … Continue reading

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Manson: A worthy detour down the Fulham Road

Manson 667 Fulham Road London SW6 5SA Tel: 020 7384 9559 The Fulham Road is not somewhere I often venture . It’s all a bit too Made In Chelsea with organic smoothie shops full of SW’s finest spending their trust funds … Continue reading

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